Yet Another Medium Zoom

A library by birjolaxew

YAMZ is a lightbox library heavily inspired by Medium.

It provides an easy way to add smooth, minimalistic, and highly customizable Medium-like zooming to your images.

Photograph by @glebson at Unsplash

It supports captions, high-res images, art direction and albums right out of the box, and is easily extendable if you need more features.

Should you wish to have more control over how the lightbox is displayed, you can style it with CSS or completely replace the DOM structure - the animation will adapt automatically.

But why another one?

There are several other libraries that provide a similar lightbox. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find one that lives up to my needs when it comes to user experience and customizability.

Specifically my focus for this library has been on:

The library is built in such a way that new features can be implemented easily. Not only can you customize the DOM structure, but you can also write plugins if you need more advanced features. An example of this is the album support, which is implemented as a plugin.

Should you nonetheless find that something is missing, you're always welcome to open an issue so I can have a look at it.